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Very cute game! The art hooked me immediately and I played through to the ending, twice, because I wanted to see if anything would change (the first time I didn't finish drawing the circle before talking to Eden). Short and sweet - a full game in a small package. Thank you for sharing!

this game left me in anticipation the whole way through!! these girls own my heart now, thank you <3

I adore this. I was invested the entire way through, and will definitely recommend and play again. Fantastic job you did. I have but one question: Is there a way for me to watch the short film this is based on? 

This game is awesome! Runs great in my browser on my pc, and iPhone. 


I can't quite work out how to get this game running on Linux Mint. My computer doesn't seem capable of recognizing it as a game. Has anyone else had trouble/does anyone else know what to do? Playing in browser is a bit of a pain, since hitting spacebar also makes the whole page scroll down in my browser.

i really enjoyed this game, beautiful art and i got rly into the story. <3


Escape, and then enter to see the description on the books. Escape, escape to return to the game.

The books on the Library, must be placed on the holes on the floor.

You can run using the Shift key.

If you don't finish painting the summoning circle before talking to Eden, you won't be able to finnish painting it. And this will crash the game after the summoning scene.

Thank you, this was super helpful!!

This was really beautiful. <3

oooh my god this is an amazing game it was ugh my heart

What a lovely game, I had a wonderful time playing it!

aww thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked it!

Beautiful and sad. I absolutely adored the art style of the portraits and CGs.

oh this is so sweet, thank you so much!


got stuck immediately unfortunately, clicking seems to rarely do what it's meant to? clicked many times to finally get the book from the shelf, and then gave up on "check the window"

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hi, did you get this issue from using your mouse to play or your keyboard? I thought I'd patched out this bug but if it's still happening it might be beyond me to fix :(

I was using a mouse, on firefox. You can do it!

Short, sweet, and a little bit sad. Well done for a first game! I'm looking forward to seeing the film it was based on too

i love this game so much ive played it over once,,, can't wait for more ! !


I liked this game, especially for its ambiance. I hope you get around to fixing the bugs however, as it really shouldn't have been released in its current state. The game is still playable, though and once the bugs are fixed it will be very good.


Hi, I really appreciate this feedback! Apparition was the first game I've ever made and had a tight time constraint going in, so I'm aware it's pretty buggy. I intended to fix them long ago, but since this was more of a passion project, my other responsibilities took over. I do intend to rerelease eventually with the issues fixed!

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Is there only one ending to this game? Or did I do something wrong? I got a "Game Over" screen and an extremely abrupt cliffhanger, and it feels like I got the 'bad ending' of some description, or at least didn't unlock the ability to continue past "7 Days Until Demolition". Is this intentional? I was really enjoying this until that point and now I feel like either I screwed up and failed the game or this is just part 1 and the current build is unfinished, because there was no... actual conclusion.


Hi! The game was entered for a 1 month gam jam focusing on new devs without game making experience. As Apparition was my first game ever, I underestimated how much time I'd need to learn the program and cohesively tell my story. So yes, I'm absolutely aware how abruptly the game ends. I had a different ending planned, but ran out of time unfortunately! This is a project I'd like to expand on once I have more technical skill under my belt, so this "ending" was intended as a cliffhanger that may get expanded on someday. I hope that answers! 

I had issues playing it - it would always freeze on me and I wouldn't be able to move or more the story on - I was rather disappointed as I wanted to experience the game.. Good Luck.

Hi, I appreciate the feedbcak! I've been aware of bugs for some time, but since this was both more of a beginner-dev's passion project, I haven't had the time to go back and fix everything. I do intend to release an updated version eventually!

Awesome - can’t wait to see what you come up with in the updated version! Looking forward to giving it a go!


Is it really over?? Omg the game is so good :(( This game was so beautiful, I can't believe it's really over omg :(( I really liked the game, It doesn't even seem like it's your first game

oh this is so sweet ;_; thank you so much!!


This has a lot of future and you have my support I will translate it too, because ... Brazilian deserves to play it in Portuguese

I'll let you know! Most of the script was written as I went so I don't have a fully written script anywhere to give out for translations. But I appreciate the interest!

I liked the game a lot!

I just wanted to reach out about how it appears you made a custom shortcut icon that now seems to be replacing the shortcut icon on all games from the same version of RPGmaker? Do you know anything about this? It's not really that big of a deal, not even really annoying or anything, but I would like to set the icon back to default...


i noticed this as well. it's not a big deal for me, however.


Oh that's so odd I had no idea it would do that! I'm fixing some bugs in the game the next week so I'll have it set back to the default icon on the new release.


I'm having a few bugs with the game. I did the library, then returned back to the house, but i don't think i could leave again. then i tried to start a new game but after i picked up the picture of dorian gray at the beginning, i think the event got stuck? it might be me doing something wrong, though?


I'm having the same problem!!

thats the #1 bug i've been seeing people report, I''ll be fixing that asap and rereleasing! 

Loved your game, and I can't wait for more!!

I wanted to ask for permission, if I could dub this game with some voice actress friends of mine! Would love to dm you!

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i play it and pls we need more of it part 2 or so. Really love your game, the Film and Winter 2021

Lovely game, can't wait to see more! Made a video about it on my channel (there were a few bugs in my video, like clipping through a wall and walking ontop of the wall panels 

here's my first part on it:

this game absolutely blew me away!! amazing work!! i love this game with a burning passion


So lovely! The characters and storyline were captivating from the start. Can't wait to see more from you!

thank you!!


Yes! It's out!! It was so exciting seeing this project come together with your devlogs, I can't wait to play it!